Have you seen the Marie Kondo series on Netflix? If not you must have been hiding under a rock as it’s taken the world by a storm!

In case you’ve missed it, here are the basics of her message: de-clutter your wardrobe, drawers, and cupboards and you’ll declutter your life! She teaches this by working with different families and helping them through the process of de-cluttering their lives.

What happens?

They end up with very tidy wardrobes AND huge happiness breakthroughs too!

Having watched lots of her episode I am definitely a fan of her process and my clothing has never looked so organized!

As well as knowing the benefits of de-cluttering my house, I also know that ‘de-cluttering’ your children’s lives is hugely impactful and that’s what we talk about in this episode.

In this video, I explain exactly WHY decluttering your children’s lives enables you to CREATE opportunities to build resilience and self-esteem.

Download the free workbook to ensure you get the most out of this and start planning how you will transform your child’s resilience through doing less!