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In fact, it’s the word I hear most when I am talking to head teachers, parents or nursery teachers about their concerns around children’s mental health. We all seem to be worried about the self-esteem of our children.


There are many reasons why self-esteem is an increasing concern, including but not limited to increased pressures both in terms of our home life and school life and the rapid pace of life that we all seem to subscribe to. Many also talk about the influence of social media and how this leads to a real culture of comparison and I’m sure that there is truth to this as well.

Is self-esteem becoming an overused term?

When I speak to teachers and parents about this issue and go a bit deeper in terms of what they really mean I often find that they are actually referring to other concerns. They talk about things like anxiety and depression, confidence and character and while these things are all connected they are not necessarily all self-esteem,

So what?

I’m definitely not one to get overly caught up in language! However, I do think it’s important to be clear about what self-esteem is and isn’t before we can look at strategies to build it. I explore this in the video above.

Strategies to build self-esteem

There are some well established and researched views around what we can do to build self-esteem and I explore 6 of the main ones in the video above, do you check it out and let us know what you think.

Cheat Sheet

You can also get your hands on our free cheat sheet which summarises these strategies and guides you through a reflection exercise. Just click below to get it!
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