Self-care is the new black!

Self-care is a term that you will have undoubtedly seen in the media A LOT recently. That’s because as our awareness around the importance of good mental health improves, more of us are talking about how we can look after our physical and emotional health. Consequently, discussions about self-care are on the rise – this can only be a good thing!

Why does it matter?

The benefits of self-care are well documented and rather intuitive. After all good self-care leads to happiness and when we are feeling happier we can be better versions of ourselves.

What you may have read less about though is what self-care actually is. That’s why this session is all focussed on the practicalities of self-care. We answer questions like: What is self-care? How can you identify ways to introduce it? and, What are the true benefits that it brings to you and those around you?

Busting the myth that self-care is selfish!

Given that many parents say they don’t have time for themselves or for self-care, I also talk about why it is actually selfish of you NOT to be taking the time to look after your own mental and physical health! Yes, I am dishing out the tough love in this episode!

Don’t forget to download our free workbook below that goes along with this session. It’s a practical guide to you getting started with self-care. We are going to help you move from thinking about it to actually taking concrete steps forward to improve your own self-care routines.