The Power of Habits is often talked about in the media. We all know it takes 21 days to form a habit, right?


There is actually NO research to support the claim that it only takes 3 weeks to break or make a habit. However, we’ve all jumped on the bandwagon with this idea because it’s been talked about so much! I think this is a shame because if we don’t get there in 21 days we feel like we’ve failed. When actually, we just didn’t give it long enough for the habit to form

So why should we care so much about habits anyway?

Why are habits so important?

Well in this episode we look at just that.

We explore the power of habits in terms of where they come from. We then talk about what is actually happening in the brain when habits are created and how we can influence this. Next, we explore my 5 step process for making or breaking a habit.

Make sure you download this free workbook too, it has a summary of what’s covered as well as a workbook so you can put pen to paper and start making some positive changes.