Welcome to myHappymind for Schools

Our signature program for children in primary education

myHappymind for Schools was created with a very simple mission: to give today’s children the skills to thrive in tomorrow’s world.

We know that mental health issues are growing at an exponential rate and we believe that we have to do something different if we want to change this.

It is our strong belief that we must invest in preventative strategies in order to give children the skills and the tools to thrive. This is what myHappymind is all about.


myHappymind for Schools is a complete mental and emotional wellbeing package for your children and teachers.
We also provide a FREE app for parents

A myHappymind for Schools subscription comes with 3 main programs

myHappymind for all of the year group from Early Years through Year 6​
myHappymind for You, a dedicated self-paced wellbeing program for all of your staff
Free myHappymind Parent App so they can reinforce the learning at home

Is myHappymind right for your school?

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Our curriculum

The entire myHappymind program is based in science and research. Each module introduces a new set of content and habits to help children build resilience, self-esteem, confidence and to help them thrive.

Narrated by our lovable characters who come to life as animated characters on screen, myHappymind is structured across 5 modules.

1. Meet Your Brain

How does my brain work and how do I look after it?

2. Celebrate

What are my unique character strengths and how can I celebrate them?

3. Appreciate

Why does gratitude matter and how do I develop this as a habit?

4. Relate

How do I build positive relationships and why do they matter?

5. Engage

How do I set meaningful goals that matter to me and keep resilient in times of challenge?

Our Learning Approach

We are totally focussed on habit creation and so learning is introduced through a variety of experiences

Interactive lessons

Our interactive lessons are all pre-designed and are simply projected on the whiteboard in the classroom. There is very little prep required and the lessons range from 10-20 minutes. We recommend delivering one lesson per week.

Cross curricula activities

There are significant opportunities to bring the content to life through other subjects and we provide you with lots of recommendations on how to do this.

Embedding at home

Our free app for parents allows parents to continue to embed the learning at home and our fun games and activities keep children motivated to live the habits they have learnt at school, when they are at home.

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Physical goodies

As well as all of the online resources we also provide you with physical resources to bring the learning to life. These include:

  • A colour printed myHappymind journal for every child
  • myHappymind teddies for the classrooms
  • Stickers
  • Our now famous Wheel of Gratitude!

Why not download our FREE guide to learn more about the factors we believe to be to critical in developing a mentally healthy school

There is also a free assessment in there for you too so you can see where you might need to focus!

Welcome to myHappymind for Early Years


I'm Laura the creator of myHappymind

We created myHappymind for Early Years because we believe all children deserve to learn the tools to thrive from the earliest ages.

Based on leading science and the latest research this program enables you to bring a fully developed framework and curriculum into your setting.

We also provide a free Parent App which they’ll love and a very special online, self-paced program for your staff called ‘myHappymind for You’.

Take a look around and get in touch if you have questions. You can get instant access within a couple of clicks.

A subscription to myHappymind for
Early Years includes 2 fantastic programs. We also provide a FREE app for parents

myHappymind for all of the year group from Early Years through Year 6
myHappymind for You. We believe that staff wellbeing is just as important as child wellbeing
Free myHappymind Parent App so they can reinforce the learning at home

We are already supporting award winning nursery chains

And have been featured in:

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myHappymind for Early Years physical goodies

We all know that storytelling and play are critical for learning in the Early Years. That’s why all of our modules start with a story. We’ll send you physical books along with other goodies when you sign up!

Why not download our FREE guide to learn more about the factors we believe to be critical in developing a mentally healthy Nursery or Pre School

There is also a free assessment in there for you too so you can see where you might need to focus!

Welcome to myHappymind for Families

Your total system for building your child's resilience, self esteem and confidence

Building your child’s resilience, self-esteem and confidence is the only way to truly impact their wellbeing and ultimately happiness.

When your child has a greater sense of wellbeing they will do better at school, in their relationships and anything they put their mind to.

myHappymind for Families, is a science-backed system designed to help you develop confident, resilient children with the self-esteem and tools to thrive.

myHappymind for Families is right for you if your child...

Sometimes seems overly worried or anxious and you desperately want to help them to stay calm and feel confident in all that they do.

Appears to have low self-esteem. They just don't have the confidence you'd like and you worry they aren't able to reach their potential because of it.

Isn't as resilient as they could be, they give up easily and are easily disappointed when things don't go their way.

Has few interests and you are often nagging them to come away from the screen. You want them to set themselves goals and be excited about all they can achieve!

Is constantly wanting more 'stuff' and you just want them to appreciate the simple things in life and be grateful for all that they are, have and can be.

Struggles with friendships and you are aware that they can sometimes get swept along with the crowd rather than making their own choices. You want to encourage them to have positive friendships and know their own mind.

Program structure

myHappymind for Families is made up of 2 programs one for parents and one for children

Parent Program

Is totally focussed on teaching YOU the research-backed methods that are proven to positively impact our resilience, self-esteem, happiness and ultimately mental health!

Children's Program

This is where you turn into teachers! Module 2 takes children through the same science that you have learned and allows you to engage in a fun curriculum with games & activities to help embed their understanding.

Both programs contain the 5 modules below:

Module 1
Meet Your Brain

Is totally focussed on teaching YOU the research backed methods that are proven to positively impact our resilience, self-esteem, happiness and ultimately mental health!

Module 2

Help children to identify their unique character strengths so that they develop a deep sense of confidence and self-esteem.

Module 3

Build a culture of gratitude and appreciation in your home. So your children move from being obsessed with possessions to proactively noticing and appreciating themselves, relationship and the world around them.

Module 4

Enable your children to build positive relationships, understand other perspectives and thrive.

Module 5

In this module your child will learn how to dream aspire and work toward meaningful goals with resilience.

How is the content delivered

We know how busy you are and so the whole program is designed to be done in 20 minutes or so a week. You’ll receive lots of resources including:

Over 20 Interactive Lessons

Our video lessons are short and sweet and combine a mix of animated content for the kids, reflection sessions and facilitated 'time to chat' sessions so that you get the most out of them.

Over 15 Workbooks

You'll receive a new workbook for every lesson and they help you and your family to stop and reflect and make a plan. They are beautifully designed and a fun way to keep note of what you have learnt.

Family challenges

Each key lesson comes with a family challenge. These are fantastic and fun ways to get the whole family engaged in implementing the new habits that you have learned.


Our Facebook community is a place where you can share your specific questions or concerns and request additional content and activities!

We also give you access to our App

Which means you can access content and connect with the community on the go!

Want to learn more about the factors that can help you build a happy healthy home? Download our FREE guide here!

Have questions?

Here are some of the questions others have asked before signing up

All of our lessons are short and sweet, and usually between 10-15 minutes each. We recommend you do 1-2 lessons per week minimum. They can be easily slotted into your daily routine AND you can do them on the go as long as you have a WiFi connection. The habits that you will learn take between 2-5 minutes each to practice. So, if you really can’t find 30 minutes a week to spend on the program, it may well not be for you.

This is not a problem at all. The kids’ lessons are written in such a way that you can go into less or more detail depending on their age. Remember, you will learn a lot more detail in the Parent module than the kids will need and so you can scale up and down depending on the needs of everyone. We really believe the best approach is to do this as a family as this is the best way to embed the habits. We have families with kids ranging from 4 to 12 and they’ve made it work. You will have all the content for life when you purchase so there is lots of chance to recap, review and reiterate if you need to.

We have intentionally structured the program so that you go through the program first to build your knowledge and confidence. By the time you get to the kids’ lessons you’ll already have all of the knowledge you need to teach them. The kids’ lessons are structured in such a way that they are very simple and interactive so all of the content they need is in there and your role is to facilitate the conversation. We’ve tested the content on tens of thousands of children and we know it works.

How does for life sound? We don’t think it would be very fair to give you all this content for a limited time which is why when you subscribe to myHappymind for Families you do so for LIFE. This means you can go back to it whenever you need it and rest assured that even if you are super busy you have no time pressure to complete it.

We see it as our mission to help you to be successful. That is why we will also give you access to our dedicated, private Facebook group so that you instantly become part of a community of like-minded parents. Our community is a place where you can ask questions, share feedback or frustrations and learn from others’ successes. We will be in there regularly waiting to help you.

Are you ready to start creating a culture of wellbeing in your family?

Then come join the hundreds of thousands of others who have already benefited from our award-winning system!

Welcome to myHappymind for Organisations

Emotional and mental wellbeing in the workplace is becoming a priority for forward-thinking organisations

Emotional and mental wellbeing in the workplace is becoming a priority for forward-thinking organisations who understand the link between employee happiness and productivity and who want to support their employees holistically.

That’s why we’ve created myHappymind for Organisations. An online program delivered to teams that allows your people to explore and understand the factors affecting their mental wellbeing so that they can embrace new habits in the workplace and at home.

Having worked in the corporate world for many years our founder understand the complexity and challenges of delivering learning in the context of busy days and flexible workforces.

Our sophisticated online portal means that learning can happen whenever and wherever it suits your teams.

We collaborate with organisations who share our ethos and want to create real mental health transformation within their internal and external communities.

  • No more fear based, reactive strategies
  • No more bowing down to the stigma or confusion
  • Just real strategies that work

The program takes the learner on a journey of understanding and implementing the science around happiness.

The program has 2 key components:

Understanding the science and research behind happiness.

Reflecting on their own/the team’s wellbeing and creating an action plan to implement practical strategies to enhance their happiness.

Designed to be completed in a team setting

The myHappymind for You program is delivered via video lessons and printable workbooks giving you time & location flexibility.

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We do love to chat so if you’d like to learn more or arrange a demo, just complete your details and we’ll be in touch!

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