We were delighted to be featured on ITV News in a piece showing the pupils of St Boniface Roman Catholic Primary School in Salford! Check out the video, or have a look at the text version of the story from the ITV website:

Tackling children’s mental health head-on

A primary school in Salford is taking on the important subject of children’s mental health. St Boniface Roman Catholic Primary School is delivering lessons to pupils of all ages revealing the science behind the workings of their own brain.

Staff at the school have linked up with mental heath charity YoungMinds. The group estimates that 1 in 3 children in every UK classroom have a diagnosable mental health issue.

By teaching children how their brains work and then giving them the tools to help it to stay balanced particularly in stressful situations, we believe we can create a generation of children who know how to manage their own mental wellbeing.
– Laura Earnshaw, myHappymind

Our pupils report that they feel calmer and find it easier to concentrate in lessons since we introduced myHappymind. This is obviously great or the children but an added benefit is that stress levels among my staff have also been reduced as they are now finding it easier to manage classroom behaviour.
– Julie Bainbridge, Headteacher, St Boniface Primary School