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Have you ever wondered why this is the case?

In this episode of myHappymind conversations, we take you behind the science of why kindness is so powerful. We look at the effect that practicing kindness has on both our physical and mental health.

We talk about how kindness positively impacts conditions such as anxiety and depression and explore how it can improve your heart health. The facts will blow your mind!

So, if you are in any doubt as to why kindness is so important this is the video for you.

We also look at really simple ways for you to increase the amount of conscious kindness you have in your life. There’s also a challenge for you and your children on how to establish more kindness in your life each and every day.

For more on the topic of the science behind what makes us happy, check out this post.

As always, there’s a free download which includes a cheat sheet and kindness challenge.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts.
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