Have you ever wondered how to build your child’s resilience? Do you ever think about whether they are resilient enough?  Do you ever worry that they don’t seem to have the staying power that you’d like or maybe you’ve compared your child to someone else’s and wondered why they just don’t seem to behave in the same way?

If any of this resonates for you then you are definitely in the right place.

In this myHappymind conversations video, we take you through a structured approach on how you can positively impact your child’s resilience in 2019. This is a topic many of us talk and think about but few of us actually take action on. Often, this is because we are caught up in all of the business of life, overwhelmed with all there is to or maybe we just don’t know how to build your child’s resilience.

That’s why we’ll guide you through a simple approach to get clarity on what your child’s resilience needs are. What options you have to positively impact this and how you can make a plan to take action.

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