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It’s a topic that we speak about a lot and of course, being happy is something that we all strive for. For some reason though, we don’t talk about what we can practically do to build our happiness and wellbeing very often. That’s why we created this episode of myHappymind conversations. Happiness hacks are easy ways in which you can start to implement science-backed approaches to having more happiness in your day!

We’ll be sharing practical happiness hacks that you can start right away.

Each of the hacks we share is based on leading scientific research. In other words, these hacks are scientifically proven to boost happiness and wellbeing. Sound good?

Then read on…

We’re going to look at 5 happiness hacks that you can use alone or with the family. Watch the video for the full details on each of the hacks and to learn WHY they are so effective!

Happiness Hacks

Get outside

Just getting outside and being in nature has an incredible effect on our happiness. Whether you go for a run, walk or just sit outside the fresh air and being in nature is an immediate lift.


It’s official, we spend too much time in front of our screens. Make time to unplug and unwind without technology by your side.


Connecting with friends and family brings us happiness! Our brains are wired for connection and so being with others is a security blanket for the mind.

Be Grateful

Take some time to write down all you have to be grateful for, it is an incredible way to get the dopamine flowing in your brain! Being grateful can also lead to increases in self-esteem as we learn to focus more on the good. We talk about this in more detail in this episode of myHappymind Conversations.


This is just incredible for our brain, those of us who meditate regularly see a physical change in the structure of the brain. This sees the parts of the brain associated with compassion and self-awareness growing and the parts associated with stress shrinking.

Want to learn more?

So there you have it, 5 very practical things you can do to boost your happiness! Make sure you check out the video below for more details and get your hands on our free workbook below!
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