Last week was Children’s Mental Health week

Last week charities, schools, organisations, and individuals took to Twitter to share what they were up to in recognition of Children’s Mental Health week – it was awesome to see the energy behind this and to see all the creative ways people are seeking to raise awareness.

This week…


Have you seen any follow-up or activity on the topic since? Are your children bringing home posters about internet safety this week? Probably not.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I  LOVE these awareness building exercises as they get people talking but, I so passionately believe that what we REALLY need is actionable support. People need to know what they can do to support the mental health of their children whether they have mental health challenges or not.

We need little and often not a big bang week

We need to move from this reactive, one-off position to a more regular, little and often dialogue whereby mental health is thought of every day not just when a Twitter handle gets excited.


In my opinion, it is these intense bursts of activity and then the silence that follows that leads us to feel totally OVERWHELMED and I think that is what gets in the way of people taking action more regularly.

Check out this video for more on this topic AND to discover our top tips on how to beat the overwhelm when it comes to talking about mental health with your children. You don’t want to miss the freebie download either so check that out too.