Our team bring together a wealth of experience in education design & leadership, social sciences & child psychology. We are totally dedicated to helping children flourish & thrive through fun & innovative technology.

We have created a series of awesome products to help nurseries, schools & families develop resilient children who celebrate themselves and others, build positive relationships & thrive.

Built on positive psychology & neuroscience research & powered by innovative technology, myHappymind is focussed on creating positive, sustainable and growth-oriented behaviour.

Proactive & preventative approach

We believe in teaching the science and then embedding habits around mental wellbeing in a fun and positive way. Rather than focussing on the ‘issues’ or challenges overtly we take a preventative approach by giving children the understanding and tools to cope when times get hard. Research shows that preventative approaches are both more accessible for children and are more likely to lead to lasting change.

Working with children & parents

We passionately believe in engaging both children and parents in a positive dialogue around mental wellbeing. We have created resources, techniques and a FREE APP to enable parents to engage in the curriculum with their child away from school. we provide schools with resources and tools to enable this dialogue. We have also developed a program for families that want to teach myHappymind to their children at home.

Leveraging the best technology

All  of our programs are delivered using the best technology on the market. This means that the content is easy to access from anywhere and at any time, it requires very little preperation to teach and is super fun!

Using technology to deliver the content we also provide lots of paper based resources to create a more engaging experience for children.

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Here's what happened when ITV came to visit us as one of our schools: