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Hi, I’m Laura the creator of myHappymind, here is my story:

Before creating myHappymind, I spent 15 years as a Global Head of Talent and Development in FTSE 100 companies. My job was to help CEOs and their teams to build resilience, character, and well-being with Universities like Harvard Business School.

Having experienced my own child struggling with the transition into school I found myself desperate for resources but unable to find any. The school weren’t able to support his needs and so I took it upon myself to research how I could.

I soon realised that much of what I had been teaching CEOs for years was what my child needed; help with managing his emotions, forming relationships, feeling good about who he is and being more resilient.

I set about teaching him a series of healthy habits, grounded in the science of resilience and wellbeing.

Within just 6 months we had a whole host of tools that were helping him to not just survive but to thrive in school.

Any parent, teacher or carer who has faced challenging times with children can relate to the worry and upset that this can cause. And, those who’ve come out the other side will know the feeling of relief and joy that it brings.

It was these feelings of pure elation that led me to quit my job (much to my husband’s shock!) and create myHappymind.

There is so much robust science around happiness and well-being but it’s not well understood or applied. It is my mission to bring this science to as many children as I can.

I’m so proud that we are now positively impacting




with our products!

Our programs leverage the latest research, science, and technology

These are the highlights of our program’s impact report

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93% of teachers saw an increase in children’s awareness of the factors that contribute to their wellbeing.

They also saw the same improvement in children knowing how to look after their own mental health.

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91% Saw an improvement in their children’s ability to talk articulately about their character strengths.

By character we do not mean their competence e.g. good at maths, we mean the things that make them unique e.g. curiosity, kindness, determination etc.

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84% of teachers saw an improvement in their children persevering in the face of challenges when they are trying to achieve goals.

Our Approach

Our team brings together a wealth of experience in education design, leadership, social sciences, and child psychology

We are totally dedicated to helping children flourish & thrive through fun & innovative technology.

We have created a series of awesome products to help nurseries, schools & families develop resilient children who celebrate themselves and others, build positive relationships & thrive.

All 3 of our products are built on positive psychology & neuroscience and powered by innovative technology and are focussed on creating positive, sustainable and growth-oriented behaviour.

myHappymind is a modern solution to a complex issue

Our approach is unique and designed to get results

Super easy content delivery

All of our teaching content is delivered to you instantly! Our online program means there is no prep time, it is super easy to teach and you can access anywhere and any time!

We support staff and parents too!

We know that happy staff = happy children. That is why you will receive access to 'myHappymind for You' for all of your staff.

This online program helps staff understand their own wellbeing and teaches them new habits to enhance it. We include this for every staff member at no extra cost!

Leading Science and Research

The entire myHappymind curriculum is built on leading scientific research. Rest assured the habits you'll be teaching get results!

Our Approach is anchored in 5 key philosophies

1. Builds Habits

We passionately believe that engaging both children and parents in a positive dialogue and activities around mental well-being will lead to positive wellbeing habits.

All of our resources, lessons and activities support the formation of habits both at home and in school. Our approach is to ‘train the teacher’ which includes teachers in schools and parents so that the learning can be embedded into the everyday.

We have all of these new habits now in the classroom, for example, we always do happy breathing after lunchtime play, it instantly calms the class and gets them ready for learning!
Teacher, myHappymind school

The program is so easy to teach, there is barely any prep and the children love the animated characters. It is so great that I can access it anywhere and any time too. No more paper-based planning.
Teacher, myHappymind school

2. Enabled by the best technology

All  of our programs are delivered using the best technology on the market. This means that the content is easy to access from anywhere and at any time.

This approach means that teaching requires very little preparation and is super fun! We also provide you with physical goodies to bring the learning to life, just check out our products to learn more.

3. Grounded in positive psychology and neuroscience

We believe in teaching the science and then embedding habits around mental wellbeing in a fun and positive way. Rather than focussing on the ‘issues’ or challenges overtly we take a preventative approach by giving children the understanding and tools to cope when times get hard.

Research shows that preventative approaches are both more accessible for children and are more likely to lead to lasting change.

The children love the scientific language and it really helps teachers to understand the research behind the techniques and to know why it works!
Teacher, myHappymind school

Kids absolutely love their myHappymind lessons, when we say its time for myHappymind they cheer!
Head Teacher, myHappymind school

4. Fun!

We think it’s time to end the taboo on mental health which is why all of our content is delivered with the help of our fun characters who not only move and talk on screen but provide a powerful visual cue for the children!

By introducing this fun upbeat approach we believe the impact on children is that this is a fun topic to learn about, not a scary or negative one.

5. Holistic Approach

We passionately believe in supporting staff wellbeing alongside children’s wellbeing and so our Primary School and Nursery Programs offer a full Staff Development Program alongside the children’s program.

Additionally, we provide a free parent app so parents can follow the journey with their children and continue to embed the learning at home.

Are you interested as a Primary School, Nursery or Parent?

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