myHappymind products

myHappymind for Schools

£12 per child

Designed for children age 3 – 11 this award winning product provides a full curriculum for your school including over 75 lessons, lots of print resources and free access to the myHappymind App.


We also provide a state of the art wellbeing program called myHappymind for Teachers to ensure your teachers are well supported too.

myHappymind for Early Years

£499 Per year

This program is built for 3-5 year old children in nurseries or pre-schools who are in the the Early Years phase. The curriculum follows the same module structure as the schools program.


This product includes all online and print resources, access to the App and access to the myHappymind for teachers wellbeing program.

myHappymind for families

£149 per family

myHappymind for families is an online program designed for those families whose children are not in a myHappymind school or for parents that want to further re-enforce their child’s myHappymind learning.

myHappymind for families provides a development experience that can be shared and loved by all focussing as much on parent wellbeing as it does on child wellbeing.

The myHappymind App

Available to everyone!
From £1.99 Per Device

The myHappymind App enables you to teach your child the science behind their brain so that they can identify when it is working well vs. when it is stressed. It also teaches children the concepts around how their brain grows enabling a positive approach to learning and a growth mindset.

The App contains lessons, exercises and games to stimulate your child’s learning and their imagination!

Get in on the App Store or Google Play.


Implementing myHappymind couldn’t be easier! We’ll have you ready to launch in no time!

We Promise:

No long INSET sessions

No hours of paperwork or paper based prep

Your teachers will love teaching the content

Never any fuss!


Step 1

Decide you want to be a myHappymind school – Yey!

Step 2

Arrange a 1 hour staff training session, we can do this face to face and virtually. We deliver all of your myHappymind goodies

Step 3

We’ll give you access to our fabulous learning portal and you are ready to launch