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  • ``I like myHappymind because it helps you to cool down if you get upset.``

  • At long last, a program that brings together all the important elements needed to help develop positive mental health in our young children.

  • “I loved happy breathing; as soon as I opened my eyes I felt like a day was starting.”

  • ‘I am so excited to have a program that helps children to control their emotions. ‘Happy Breathing’ is so beneficial for all our children, especially the ones who find regulating feelings particularly challenging…’

  • “It is good for learning about what is in the brain and how the brain works.”

  • I am so happy that my child’s school has recognised the need to teach mental wellbeing to children in such an integrated fun way – for too long this has been considered a negative or taboo subject, at last we have a way to engage children...

  • My son loves happy breathing, he wants us all to do it at home, it has forced me to look into the subject more and support his growing interest in looking after his mental wellbeing

  • This unique scheme approaches serious issues of child mental health in such a positive, fun way that all children were fully engaged at all times.

  • I have noticed a real change in how grateful she is and I don’t mean her pleases and thank yous! It’s about taking time to be and feel grateful for the simplest things, it is as if she can see the world through a slightly different lens now, a much calmer one!